The House

My Home in Portugal is a renovated town house that is located on the outskirts of a small town in the Viseu district of Central Portugal. My parents, Sue and Rob, fell in love with it when they were house hunting for their ‘Place in the Sun’ in 2011 and have been lovingly renovating it ever since.
They have since retired and have been bouncing back and forth between England and Portugal. I can see them making the jump to living in Portugal permanently one day. The house has become an on-going project and that’s why this blog came about, so their progress is documented and we can look back and see how far we have come. The blog is updated by Laura, who is their daughter. So what is the house like? We’ve got twenty-two rooms, including bathrooms, that are in need of decorating and furnishing and parts of the house, particularly the older part, are in need of renovation and a bit of lovin’. On top of general decoration and painting, we’ve had to have a new roof put on, had solar panels installed for hot water and, perhaps the largest project so far, is that we’ve converted part of the house into a self-contained apartment. Portugal Every year we make a list of what we’d like to achieve in that year. It’s true that we don’t always complete our yearly lists and projects do roll into other years, but the reality is my parents are supposed to be retired and enjoying a much slower pace of life, right? So there’s no rush. The links below are the different part of our home with a few before and after photos over the years. I hope you enjoy them and have seen how far we’ve come so far. thumbnail original house 1thumbnail extension 1
          thumbnail garden 1 thumbnail pool 1           thumbnail kitchen 1 thumbnail apartment 1

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