The Roof is Coming Down!

Our old roof tiles are coming off

At 8am this morning we had five workmen clambering up on the BBQ roof and removing all the roof tiles. Way hey! What’s going on? Well… the huge wooden beams that support the roof are sick with damp and ready to come crashing down at any second. My parents will be soon coming back to England for the winter and they’re certain that if this remains unfixed then they will come to a serious mess, so it needs solving.

It’s going to be a huge job because ALL of the tiles need removing, new beams being fitted and then new tiles being placed. I’ll keep you all posted!

Roof Roof Roofphoto 3 (5) copyOh, and until it’s done my folks are a bit housebound!

photo 2 (7) copy

Since this blog post, the roof is now up! Take a look here.

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    • Sue Bailey
    • October 27, 2014

    since removing the one roof, removing tiles from all the old part of the house, back and front has uncovered damp beams and crumbly tiles, so guess what the whole of the roof on the old side of the house is to be replaced. It is going to hurt our wallet but best to preserve the house. You see so many Portuguese beautiful houses with the roof collapsed in due to neglect. At lease this house will still be standing long after we have gone, fingers crossed.

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