The start of the painting

Mum standing next to the wall before we painted it red

photo-10This is the very front of the house. Dad is making a start on it by first scraping the flakey yukky paint off first and then putting on a fresh new coat. In the mean time, Poppy is offering encouragement on the sidelines. This wall is a traditional Portuguese lime mortar finish which needed a technician visit to specify the correct method of restoration.

The technician actually wrote out instructions as to how we are supposed to paint the wall. Ie. pressure jetting, ‘defungalising’ the wall, use filler, then ‘clear’ primer and then a special finish called ‘tincolite aqua’. This wall has yet to be painted but it is on the ‘to-do-list’ for the first week of June. In the meantime, some painting photos from a few weeks ago:


This is mum’s ‘feature’ wall in the main hall. To help you with orientation, down the hall on the left is the kitchen. In Portugal there is a colour used that is considered ‘traditionally Portuguese’ and it is, disturbingly, called ‘pig’s blood’. It doesn’t take much imagination to realise that real pig’s blood was used to paint Portuguese houses.



Fortunately, when we went to the hardware shop and asked for the colour ‘pig’s blood’ instead of heading to the back and retrieving a ‘ready-made-pig’ instead they actually mixed colours together, which was quite reassuring.

This is the finished product. Mum has since decorated it a bit with fabrics and other things but we’ll save those photos for later.


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