They’re back!

The folks are back in Portugal! They’re so pleased to be back ‘home’ and I’m pleased because now I have something to write about!

They took Brittany Ferries’ Cap Finistère from Portsmouth to Santander and then drove through Spain and into Portugal. They docked earlier than expected so they made really good time getting to the house. Normally they take the Pont-Aven, which is a much larger cruise ferry than the Cap Finistère.

Cap Finistere
Photo taken from the Brittany Ferries website

They make up for this by having pet cabins, where your dog can sleep in the cabin with you. But knowing Scrappy, he’d be in bed with Mum in a flash so they opted for kennels. It was just as well because the weather was quite stormy and our dogs got VERY wet. You don’t need to be a dog owners to know that wet dogs + sleeping cabin = not very pleasant experience. Especially if your dog towels are locked away in the car.

This pic is of one of the large kennels, which is much smaller than the Pont-Aven large kennels. It doesn’t look like they have an inbuilt water tray, so pet owners must remember to bring their own bowl.

photo (75)

It was a bit of a rough sailing and at one point the crew were stopping people from going out onto the dog deck because it was too dangerous. Mum had an interesting experience of trying hold onto Scrappy’s lead whilst trying to pick up a rolling poo. I wish Dad got a photo of that.

The Finistère has a much smaller doggie walking deck and only four large kennels. My parents tend to book one small and one large kennel so that they can put the dogs in together and then store their food in the smaller one. The dogs get stressed out if they’re separated so this works out quite well because there’s not really a good place to store the dog food without it being thrown about.

photo (77)

Here’s Poppy having a stand-off with a whippet on the exercise deck. I don’t think she has ever seen a whippet before and didn’t know quite what to make of him.

photo (76)

They managed to dock an hour and a half earlier than expected and drove out into a blizzard.

photo (79)

It’s a very straight forward route into Portugal from Spain and you actually drive over a mountain range. When I took this route the part of the journey I enjoyed most was driving along a 20-mile stretch where we counted about 35 buzzards with their huge nests on telegraph poles. Getting a decent photo of this from a moving vehicle was not an easy feat though.

They arrived at the house about 7 hours later and just got in and went to bed. Home sweet home. The day after they began to unpack the car, clean the house up and do a touch of gardening in prep for their Portugal 2014 adventure. I honestly don’t know how they managed to fit all of this into the car with the dogs, or what Mum is doing in this picture.

photo (78)The sun is shining and we have so so many plans for this year. I can’t wait to share them with you all :)


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