We’ve had blue skies and sunshine for the past few days and have been making the absolute most of it outdoors in the garden. This year we decided to clear the corner where the olive tree is and make it into a bit of a veggie patch. We cleared the nettles and the mess, prepared the soil for seedlings and planted them!

tidying garden gardening 1 tidying garden gardening 2

tidying garden gardening fungus 1We found this beautiful, yet creepy as hell, fungus in the far corner under a piece of wood. This is a young ‘clathrus ruber’. It smells like rotting flesh and it looks like it would probably eat your finger if you poked one through one of its holes. Fortunately for us, it eats things like rotting wood and not human flesh.

tidying garden gardening 3

This is the beginnings of our little veggie path. We discovered that half of Mum’s little seedlings were American sweetcorn and the more mature seedlings of these have now been planted. We are expecting these little babies to produce two sweetcorn cobs each in a few months time.

tidying garden gardening 4

The other half of Mum’s seedlings are butternut squashes. They are growing much more slowly than the sweetcorn plants and so only five of them have been planted. To make things more difficult, Poppy, our border collie, has been sneaking into the veggie patch when we’re not looking and squishing the little seedlings. To combat Poppy ‘The Destroyer’, we built a little barricade and made a gate. Surprisingly, this has been enough to put her off and she hasn’t ventured in there since.

tidying garden gardening 5

In an adjacent part of the garden, we have been clearing more nettles and making space for yet another veggie patch:

2016 04 23 13.58.48 1

We have cleared the area around the yukka plants ready for planting more veg. Several of these yukkas are going to a new home at one of our friends as we have far too many. This area is nearly unrecognisable after a few hours of work:

2016 04 25 18.26.08 HDR

The other job we’ve had in the garden is to tidy up the paintwork on one of the walls. It has grown lots of algae on it and now looks quite unsightly! We pressure washed it, scraped off the flakey paintwork, applied an aqua block (this just stops plant life growing on it), applied a primer coat and then painted it white. What a difference! 

2016-04-13 13.13.51

side wall white spraying 1


We have a variety of bushes next to the wall, including a hydrangea, a rose bush, two blueberry bushes and two lavender bushes. Over the next few weeks/months they will continue to blossom and grow and make the wall look beautiful.

That’s all for now! :)

About Laura

About Laura

Laura Bailey is the owner of My Home in Portugal and has been blogging since 2013.

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About Laura

About Laura

Laura Bailey is the owner of My Home in Portugal and has been blogging since 2013.

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