Our Trip to Costa Nova

Last week we made an overnight trip in Wendy, our motorhome, to the seaside town of Costa Nova. We’ve been working for 3 weeks straight on improving my home in Portugal so it was time to take a little break.

Before we arrived in Costa Nova we stopped off in Aveiro, which is known as the ‘Venice of Portugal’. It’s worth a visit to see the ‘moliceiros’, which is the Portuguese word for gondolas.


It was busier than we expected for the first week in May, so we quickly grabbed some lunch and a coffee before heading for the coast. I love Portuguese coffee!

Mum enjoyed a crepe with ice cream and ‘ovos moles’ filling, which is an egg-flavoured snack that Aveiro is famous for.


After lunch we headed to Costa Nova, which was the complete opposite of Aveiro. It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves and as a bonus the weather had warmed up!

Costa Nova is known for its brightly coloured houses and beautiful sandy beaches. As a result, it’s a very popular tourist destination during the summer and on sunny weekends, but not while we were there!

From what I’ve read, the houses are painted brightly to resemble the moliceiros (the gondolas) that you will see in Aveiro. The area is well-known for seaweed harvesting too.

Costa Nova

We found a quiet place to park up for the evening and took Poppy for a long walk along the beach.

Costa Nova

It was my first overnight trip in Wendy and we made the most of it. I was determined to get the deck chairs out, drink a beer in the sunshine, and read my book. The sunshine was lacking but we weren’t deterred!

We learnt a lot about how Wendy works and we’re already planning our next trip out.


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