Visiting Obidos, Coimbra, Viseu, & Lisbon

My brother posing next to a door in the city

For the last three weeks Alex (my brother) and his girlfriend (at the time) have been visiting from South Korea. I haven’t seen my brother for nearly a year so it was great to catch up! They spent a couple of weeks touring parts of England and spending time with family and friends and then a week over in Portugal. Alex took the chance to show his girlfriend around his favourite places, such as the walled city of Obidos, Coimbra, Viseu and Lisbon.

Obidos is a walled medieval town located along the silver coast and was one of the places I fell in love with when we were first looking for places to live in Portugal. For two weeks in July Obidos turns into a traditional medieval market town, which runs several medieval shows, including jousting knights, costumed parades, wandering minstrels, soldiers, jugglers and merchants. If you are into your food then you will be able to taste spit roasted hog, local fish, ‘stone’ soup and traditional medieval meals from a wooden trencher whilst drinking from a pewter tankard. Mmm!



Picture 203

Picture 227

The last day of the trip was spent in Lisbon and they took some great photos. I’ve only ever spent half a day in Lisbon and it’s definitely a place that I’d love to revisit. I couldn’t make the trip because I’m working like a mad person so I can afford to take the summer off to return to Portugal. Enjoy the photos!

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DSCN3517 DSCN3510 DSCN3502 DSCN3494

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