Wayhey, she’s back in Portugal!

Canterbury Railway Station and Gatwick Airport Shuttle

Hey folks! Well, I’m back in Portugal and now the fun begins! Or not! It’s been raining on and off since I got here and I think I might’ve just heard thunder. I think it’s actually colder than England at the moment, but there’s still plenty to do inside. Here are some random pics of my journey to Portugal:

Step 1 and 2From Canterbury West rail way station to the shuttle taking me to the Northern Terminal at Gatwick Airport.

Step 3 and 4From a 2hr Easyjet flight to Oporto airport. Hello rainy Portugal…

So what’ve I been doing? Today I spent half an hour putting up two ‘stencils’ in what will eventually become the library. I ended up ripping off the paint work several times but nobody will ever know. Take a peek:

Wall1Bonsai1 Bonsai2I don’t think these photos really do the stencils any justice, they actually do look very nice and suit the room. I didn’t take the best photos either… we can always put a bookcase in front of them :)

In between downfalls I went for a bike ride with my brother, Mark, and his wife, Mel. They’ve been staying for a few days on holiday here. Shame about the weather, eh? We went to Ferreirós do Dão, which is a beautiful little village at the bottom of an insanely steep hill. They both put me to shame by out cycling me, which was quite embarrassing!

photo (54)That’s about it for a lazy Sunday. I really hope this rain gives out!



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