Wayhey, she’s back in Portugal!

Hey folks! Well, I’m back in Portugal and now the fun begins! Or not! It’s been raining on and off since I got here and I think I might’ve just heard thunder. I think it’s actually colder than England at the moment, but there’s still plenty to do inside. Here are some random pics of my journey to Portugal:

Step 1 and 2From Canterbury West rail way station to the shuttle taking me to the Northern Terminal at Gatwick Airport.

Step 3 and 4From a 2hr Easyjet flight to Oporto airport. Hello rainy Portugal…

So what’ve I been doing? Today I spent half an hour putting up two ‘stencils’ in what will eventually become the library. I ended up ripping off the paint work several times but nobody will ever know. Take a peek:

Wall1Bonsai1 Bonsai2I don’t think these photos really do the stencils any justice, they actually do look very nice and suit the room. I didn’t take the best photos either… we can always put a bookcase in front of them :)

In between downfalls I went for a bike ride with my brother, Mark, and his wife, Mel. They’ve been staying for a few days on holiday here. Shame about the weather, eh? We went to Ferreirós do Dão, which is a beautiful little village at the bottom of an insanely steep hill. They both put me to shame by out cycling me, which was quite embarrassing!

photo (54)That’s about it for a lazy Sunday. I really hope this rain gives out!



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