Welcome to My Home in Portugal!

A photo of the new with the swimming pool in the foreground

In 2011 my parents, Sue and Rob, became the owners of a sad and unloved property in Central Portugal. They began working on it over the summers but it required a lot more of their time to turn it into a real home. So in early 2013 both my parents retired from working, they put their two dogs in the back of the car and drove to Portugal to begin their new lives. This blog is to illustrate and document the long journey from a project to a home.

If you’re new to this blog then here are some articles to get you started and my more popular ones too:

A tour of the house
The project of fixing the swimming pool
My WWOOFing adventures of the Summer of 2013
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A day in Coimbra
Reality finally catches up
Why aren’t the folks back in Portugal yet? Because they’re in South Korea!
The budget of a WWOOFer
‘When I go to Africa, I’m going to bring…’ 
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