Why aren’t the folks back in Portugal yet? Because they’re in South Korea!

My parents are crazy. Dad recently had a heart attack and Mum is recovering from a serious operation (they’re both okay, don’t worry), but less than a week after my Dad came home from hospital they both hopped on a plane and flew to South Korea to see my brother, Alex. If anybody is wondering, yes, the consultant gave them both the all clear to fly, and so they did. Thankfully, they managed the 12-hr flight there and back with no incident. :)

They spent 10 days (including travel) with Alex travelling around South Korea by train and visiting Seoul, Daegu and Busan. Alex has been over there for about 7 months now and he’s having the time of his life.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go (I was off doing crazy things in France) and I’ve yet to have a proper sit down with my parents about their trip so I haven’t got any amusing back stories for you! Hopefully some photos will suffice:


This was the view from my parent’s hotel room window in Daegu. It has a central park theme to it.



Dinner with the Jo family, who are Alex’s land-lord and -lady. Mrs Jo runs her own lingerie shop in town and gave my parents some welcome gifts… you can use your imagination for what they were!


More food photos! In South Korea the culture is to eat out every evening (it’s actually cheaper than buying your own groceries and cooking them at home). In the big cities you can opt to eat any kind of cuisine you fancy but here they are eating BBQ style! You are provided with the raw ingredients (in the UK health and safety would be all over this), you cook them over an open fire (again, health and safety) and then you eat them!

Apsan Wilderness Park

On one of the last days my parents and Alex went to Apsan wilderness park in Daegu. Apsan is a 600m mountain surrounded by many other mountains. They took the cable car up to the peak, where there was a cafe. Ah, you can never escape commercialism!


The humidity was immense the whole time, so they were glad to get the cable car rather than walk it! This was because they went in the monsoon season, so the climate cycled between extremely humid to a massive thunderstorm back to extremely humid. This is definitely one place that I would love to visit as I really love the outdoors – maybe next year!

mum and dad
I love this photo of my parents!
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