Working in the valley

A salamander on my hand

Nuno, my host, owns a large plot of land in a valley near the centre of the Serra do Açor. He wants gradually develop it into a glamping site which, for those that don’t know, is glamorous camping in tipis, bell tents, wigwams, or yurts.


Nuno’s site is very beautiful. He has about six waterfalls and many terraces built with the local xisto stone. But it’s insanely overgrown with brambles and rogue trees, so it’s a LOT of work for one person to clear by themselves, hence why I’m here. I took the photo below by precariously hanging my phone in a tree.


His project is still in it’s early stages, so my role was to help Nuno clear footpaths and make the land easier to access. So Nuno would use a chainsaw to cut down the large obstructive trees, whilst leaving the fruit and olive trees, and I would stack the wood and vegetation into nice and tidy piles. I took a few before and after pics but they came out really badly so I’m going to keep them to myself and instead show you pics of things I’ve found in the valley:

IMG_2268 This is a green salamander. He was just chilling out on a log.


This one is a fire salamander. I nearly stepped on the poor guy.

IMG_2252This was pretty freaky. It was a very distinct neon colour and I’d like to think that when it goes dark it makes the valley glows and all the animals have a party.


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    • Millie
    • November 13, 2013

    You are doing a brilliant tree impression in the second picture :D

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